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Full text of "Rutland Historical Society Quarterly Vol.5, No.3, 1975"

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Qommon Ground 

Dozens of Voices . . . West Rutland 

The Quarterly is published by the Rutland Historical Society for the citizens 
and friends of the original Xew Hampshire Grant township of Rutland which 
today includes the City of Rutland, West Rutland,. Rutland Town and Proctor. 

Membership is open to all upon payment to the treasurer, George J. Covalt, 
West Rutland, Vermont, of the annual dues of two dollars. A subscription to 
the Quarterly is one or the privileges of membership. 

««»« W* M»* 

Farm Museum at the Rutland Fair 

Last, year active farmers, would-be farmers and retired farmers scoured 
the barnyards of the County and eollected and displayed a respectable exhibit 
of old form tools and equipment in a building provided by the Rutland Fair 
Association. During the winter and spring more material has been acquired 
notably the wheelwright and blacksmith tools of Levi Miner, the gift of Julia 
Rlake. From Noel Rotter the Society received gifts of several display cases 
and from Nick Phillips many fine cases and equipment from the old Lamphere 
I reamery in West Rutland. 

Baptist Church Preservation Fund 

Airs. Paul Thomas, 206 Church Street, Rutland announces that note paper 
showing the original Baptist Meeting House, formerly at the northeast corner 
of South Main Street and East Washington Street, will be sold to raise funds 
for the preservation of the present Baptist Church on ('enter Street which is 
103 years old. Further inquiries may be made to Mrs. Thomas or at the church. 

With the appearance of the next issue, the Quarterly will have completed 
rive years of publication. If the demand warrants it we intend to bind the five 
volumes with a history of the Society and index. Further details will appear in 
the next issue. 

The Cover 

Judith Wcncr Bloomer of West Rutland and Amelia Forbes Emerson of 
Concord, each bearing a name illustrious in her own town, are caught in a moment 
of elation by the camera of Don Grout. 


West Rutland, Castleton 

At top of previous page and above, left to right: the Rev'd Irving French; DAR 
Chaplain Gladys Bart and DAR Regent Beryl Todd; Amelia Forbes Emerson; 
the Rev'd Dana Greeley; Thomas Emerson and the Rev'd Anthony Jurgielewicz; 
Senator Robert Stafford; Rutland County Bicentennial Chair' n Bill Hart and 
Bev Davidson. 

Rutland County Bicentennial Committee photo by Marc A. Pfenning 

Thomas Egan of Vermont and John Pell of New York 

Vermonters and Yorkers joined in a common cause two hundred years ago. 
Symbollic of the bond between the two states was the visit to Rutland by John 
Pell and the presentation to Mr. Pell by a Vermont delegation of the plaque 
shown above. 

* y 

Rutland County Bicentennial Committee 'photo by Marc A. Pfenning 

John Pell, owner of Fort Ticonderoga, is escorted to the statue of the Green 
Mountain Boy in Federal Park by Thomas K. Fgan, Heritage Committee 
Chairman for the Rutland County Bicentennial Committee. Forty-six years 
ago, fresh from Harvard, Pell wrote the definitive biography of the leader of 
the Green Mountain Boys, Fthan Allen. 

Photo courtesy Kitty Parsons Recchia 

The statue was commissioned by the Ann Story Chapter of the Daughters 
of the American Revolution, and was sculpted by Raymond Porter and cast 
in bronze in 1915. A young sculptor, Richard Recchia, posed for Porter. Recchin 
is shown in 195o surrounded by seme of his works which includes a bust of 
Raymond Porter in the background. Recchia was helped in his career by Daniel 
Chester French who did the most celebrated American piece of statuary, the 
Concord Minute Man. French was only twenty-three years old when he com- 
pleted that work. 



More on Dorr-Dawes 

In the last issue the statement that Paul Rcverc's associate on the famous 
mid-nitc ride, William Dawes, Jr. was really named Dorr was attributed to 
James Bryan Dorr. We wish to correct the record. Mr. Dorr in his book Some 
Branches of the Dorr Family Tree says that it was Mrs. Anna Dorr Walthall 
who makes this claim. 

There is, however, a connection between Rutland and William Dawes, Jr. 
The great grandmother of John H. Field and William H. Field was Mchitable 
May Dawes, a daughter of William Dawes, Jr. 


The Major Beach Odyssey 

The winning entries in the Major Beach contest sponsored jointly by I he 
Society, the Rutland County Bicentennial Committee and the Rutland Herald 
are on display through October 12 at the Museum, 101 Center Street on Sun 
days from 2 to 5 P.M. Copies of a booklet by Elaine Von Bruns, "The llarathan 
Run of Vermont's Paul Revere" arc available at the Museum i\.\ £1.00 <;w!i « »r , 
by mail at $1.25. Also available; at the Museum are bark issues of the (.hmrhrh/ 
and the Julia Dorr pictorial calendar. 

This issue is essentially a recapitulation of the busy events of the spring 
of our one hundred and ninety-ninth year of independence. The first Bicenten- 
nial event in the State, the dedication in West Rutland of the memorial to the 
Reverend William Emerson, was unHeraJdcd and we will attempt to correct 
that oversight by devoting space to that event and its sequel, the pilgrimage to 
Concord and its North Bridge, the Manse and the Emerson homes. 

The Manse— The old parsonage at Concord 

Photos by Don Grout 

Resting weary feet on Concord Meeting House steps 

Hundreds of Faces . 

West Rutland, Castleton . . . 


The home of the Emerson family, the hosts. 

In May members of the Emerson family of Concord, Massachusetts were 
guests of the West Rutland Bicentennial Committee at ceremonies marking the 
burial site of the Rev y d William Emerson who died at the home of the Rev'd Benejah 
Roots in 1776 after serving as Chaplain at Fort Ticonderoga. In June the Emerson 
family chartered a bus and invited West Rullanders to upend a day as their guests 
in the town that the Rev'd Emerson and his renowned grandson, Ralph Waldo, 
lived in. 

Proctor, Pith-ford . 


Pittsford, Proctor 

Photos, top and bottom pages 
Committee by T. K. Egan. 

27,30, 31, S3: Rutland County Bicentennial 

Our photographers 

Marc A. Pfenning is a free lance photographer who covered the John Pell 
visit, the County archives project and the Ticonderoga re-enactment for the 
County Bicentennial Committee. 

T. K. Egan is co-chairman of the Rutland City Bicentennial Committee 
and Heritage Chairman of the County Committee. 

Don Grout is on the faculty of West Rutland High School and photographed 
the Concord visit and, of course, the cover. 

Annual Meeting and Election of Officers 

Sunday, October 5 at 7:30 P.M. at the Rutland County Court House is 
the date set for the annual meeting and election of officers of the Society. Samuel 
Engle Burr, Jr., President General of the Aaron Burr Association will be guest 
speaker and his topic, naturally, will be on the relations of this controversial 
American figure with New England. The public is most cordially invited. 


101 Center St. 
Rutland, Vt. 




Rutland, Vermont 
Permit No. 12